Professor Darko Radović

co+labo is an Architecture and Urban Design Laboratory at Keio University, Tokyo. It is based in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Systems Design Engineering

co+labo is the name of Laboratory Radović, and among the Japanese students it is known as Rado-ken (ラド研)

the name co+labo points at two main aspects of our operation:


        as in “collaboration” (we work closely with a number of 

        individuals and institutions worldwide with whom we    

        share interests)

   + labo

        as in “laboratory”, which is the basic cell of  Japanese    

        tertiary education and the workshop, in which ideas get

        translated into action

co+labo Radović continues from the steps of one of the founding architecture laboratories at Keio University, that of Kengo Kuma, and widens the curriculum towards inclusion of urban scales, research and interdisciplinary PhD programme

co+labo is involved in education, research and design-research in the fields of architecture and urban design.

this is co+labo ...

Darko Radović is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Keio University, an initiator and a founding co-Director of International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism – IKI, and a Visiting Professor at the United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies, Yokohama. He is also a member of the Philips Center for Health and Well-being Livable Cities Think Tank.

Darko Radović received his doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He has taught, researched and practiced architecture and urbanism in Europe, Australia and Asia.

His research in architecture and urbanism and, consequently, the core of activities in his laboratory, focuses at the nexus between environmental and cultural sustainability and situations where architecture and urban design overlap, where traditional “architectural” and “urban” scales blur, where social starts to acquire physical form.

His investigations of the concepts of urbanity and sustainable development focus on culturally and environmentally diverse contexts which expose difference and offer encounter with the other. He argues that neither the path of ecological nor that of cultural sustainability can be undertaken separately, and indeed that there is no viable future without their harmonious synthesis. On that basis, he has developed the concept of eco-urbanity, which constitutes one of the hubs of his recent teaching activities and publications, and radical realism, as design praxis of eco-urbanity.

Darko’s major academic employers were:

  1. Keio University, Department of Systems Design Engineering

  2. The University of Tokyo, COE - Centre for Sustainable Urban Regeneration

  3. The University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

  4. The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture

  5. Centre for the Planning of Urban Development, CEP, Belgrade

Over the last several years Dr Radović has guest-lectured in France, Japan, Malaysia, Serbia and Monte Negro, Philipines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK and Vietnam. He has published in Europe, Australia and Asia, in English, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese and Thai.

His research books include Green City (2005, Routledge/UNSW Press; with Low, Gleeson, Green); Urbophilia (2007 the University of Belgrade Public Art Public Space publishers), Cross-Cultural Urban Design (2007, Routledge, with Bull, Boontharm, Parin, Tapie), Another Tokyo (2008, University of Tokyo and ichii Shobou) and eco-urbanity (2009, Routledge).

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